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How to Waterproof Suede Shoes and Boots [ Simple Guide]

Who doesn’t own a pair of suede shoes? They’re classy, they look good with almost any outfit and they’re very comfortable to wear. But there’s a downside to suede shoes: they have a very absorbent nature. For this reason, you should avoid wearing your suede shoes when it’s raining and you should definitely keep them […]

4 simple methods to waterproof paper [Pros & cons]

In today’s digital-dominated world, there’s something undeniably captivating about the timeless allure of paper. However, its vulnerability to moisture can often be a cause for concern. In this guide, we will explore 4 methods to make paper waterproof.  From simple household ingredients to specialized sealants, you’ll discover a wide range of methods to get the […]

How to get rid of waterproofing smell quickly

Waterproofing solutions cause unpleasant odors and that’s a fact. So, when you’re doing waterproofing work, expect to get a specific smell in that area. For this reason, applying waterproofing solutions is best done outside. However, if you need to waterproof your bathroom, your crawl space, or another area of your house, make sure the respective […]

3 Homemade Waterproofing Solutions That Really Work

If you’re looking for a quick, cheap, and reliable DIY waterproofing solution, here are three methods that really work. I personally tested these solutions and I can definitely confirm you can use them to waterproof a lot of stuff. Why Use Homemade Waterproofing Solutions? Sometimes, you may need to waterproof certain items but you don’t […]

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