Is bamboo waterproof? No, but you can make it waterproof

In its natural state, bamboo is not waterproof. It can endure moisture and water only for a limited time after which is starts absorbing moisture. As moisture content changes, bamboo will start to swell and change its colour. To protect bamboo flooring and furniture against water damage, apply a waterproof coating over the entire surface […]

Waterproof vs water repellent vs water resistant | Key differences

The main difference between a waterproof, water-resistant and water repellent material is given by the degree to which water is prevented from getting through. Waterproof materials offer the highest level of protection, water repellent materials offers a medium level of protection, while water resistant material offers the lowest protection from water. Waterproof materials are completely impervious […]

Is grout waterproof? Can I make it waterproof?

Epoxy grout is waterproof. Acrylic grout is water-resistant. Cement-based grout absorbs water, and you need to use a grout sealer to make it waterproof. Epoxy grout is the best choice when it comes to tile waterproofing, it’s very durable and stain resistant. Cement vs acrylic vs Epoxy grout There are three main types of grout: […]

How long does bentonite waterproofing last?

Bentonite waterproofing can last the lifetime of your building. Bentonite clay itself has a lifespan of hundreds of years. It expands at it absorbs moisture forming a watertight barrier that becomes so dense water cannot seep through. Bentonite can self-repair and supports repeated cycles of wetting and drying without losing its waterproofing characteristics. How does bentonite […]

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