Is leather naturally waterproof? Not at all

Leather is naturally water-resistant to a certain degree. It is not naturally waterproof. Untreated leather is porous by nature. This means it cannot withstand prolonged exposure to water. How long leather remains water-resistant largely depends on the finish. Untreated suede or nubuck will absorb water instantly and may even water-spot. Leather with a glossy finish can repel […]

Does waterproofing spray ruin boots?

Using the wrong waterproofing spray on your boots can definitely ruin them. You can end up with dark, spotty, and uneven spots on your boots. To avoid ruining your boots when applying waterproofing spray or other products, make sure to use a high-quality spray that’s compatible with the leather type your boots are made of. […]

Can duct tape be used for waterproofing?

Sometimes, you may need to resort to make-shift solutions to solve unexpected problems. For example, duct tape is pretty versatile and you can use it for rigging up something temporary. But can you use it for waterproofing? How reliable is duct tape as a waterproofing solution? How long does it last? Let’s find out! But […]

Are waterproof bags smell proof? Not really

Waterproof bags are not typically smell proof. Air will eventually get through the pores of your waterproof bag carrying the odour molecules with it. Ziplock bags are water resistant, they’re not waterproof or smell proof. Their pores are permeable which means that odour molecules will eventually leak through and enter the environment. How to test […]

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