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How to get rid of waterproofing smell quickly

Waterproofing solutions cause unpleasant odors and that’s a fact. So, when you’re doing waterproofing work, expect to get a specific smell in that area.

For this reason, applying waterproofing solutions is best done outside. However, if you need to waterproof your bathroom, your crawl space, or another area of your house, make sure the respective area is well ventilated.

As  waterproofing solutions dry, the chemicals evaporate and linger in the air. Keep in mind that most waterproofing solutions are toxic. If you apply them inside the house, get out of the respective room as soon as you’re done and make sure the windows are wide open.

How long does waterproofing smell last?

Depending on the solutions that you use, the waterproofing smell can linger anywhere from 4 to 5 hours to a couple of days. Homemade waterproofing solutions usually dissipate faster than professional solutions.

Lingering waterproofing odors can be quite bothersome. If you want to solve this problem as fast as possible, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use. I’ll list the most efficient ones below but keep in mind there is no way to eliminate waterproofing smell immediately.

How to make waterproofing smell go away quickly

1. Use a fan to blow out the smell faster

As stated above, make sure the area where you apply waterproofing solutions is well ventilated. Apart from opening the windows, you can also use a large electric fan to blow out the chemicals from the air faster.

2. Place bowls of baking soda in the room

Baking soda is great for absorbing the unpleasant odors of waterproofing solutions. And it’s cheap too. Go ahead and put some baking soda in 4 bowls and place them in each corner of the room. Leave them there for 24 hours and the smell will go away faster.

3. Use vinegar

I always place a glass of vinegar in the fridge to neutralize bad odors. You can use vinegar to neutralize waterproofing smell as well. Just like you did with baking soda, place 4 bowls full of vinegar in the room to absorb the waterproofing odor.

Of course, the vinegar will leave behind a specific smell of its own but it goes away faster than waterproofing smell and it’s not that unpleasant either.

4. Use charcoal

Granular activated charcoal is another great way to eliminate waterproofing smell. This solution is slower than the ones listed above but it works nevertheless.

5. Light a few candles

Last but not least, you can also light a few candles to get rid of the odors caused by waterproofing solutions. Odors are attached to oxygen molecules. Candles burn oxygen thus destroying bad odors.

Important note! Use this fifth method only after you kept the windows wide open for a couple of hours. Some of the vapors in the air might be flammable so proceed at your own risk. Personally, I don’t recommend using this method due to the risk of flammability but I listed it anyway and many have used it with positive results.


To remove waterproofing smell quickly, open all the windows and use a fan to blow out the smell faster. Then place bowls of baking soda in the room. Baking soda is known to absorb bad odors. Additionally, you can also place a glass of vinegar in the room or use charcoal.

So, there you have 5 quick methods to get rid of the annoying waterproofing smell.

Have you used other methods to solve the problem? If so, do comment below.

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Last updated in October 2021 to add additional information.

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