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Why are waterproof dressings blue? They’re easy to spot!

Waterproof dressings are blue because this bright colour makes them easily detectable. Blue plasters are compulsory in the food and catering industry, using them is a legal requirement. If the plaster comes off, workers can immediately find it and it doesn’t go into the food. Additionally, blue plasters are stickier and fall off less often.

Cooks and food handlers often cut the tips of their fingers while cooking. This is a common occupational hazard. Working with knives and mincers all the time is not easy.

Blue plasters are easy to spot

Blue is a colour that is rarely seen in food which makes blue plasters easy to spot when they fall off. A plaster falling into food is a major food safety violation. Not to mention that customers will be extremely unhappy and may never come back to a restaurant where they found plasters in their food.

Blue plasters are made of plastic which makes them waterproof. This means they can successfully protect food from contamination. Wearing gloves on top of the wound dressing is even better.

They are also washproof. This means that workers can wash vegetables safely without worrying their wound dressing might fall off.

They’re metal detectable

Blue plasters specially designed for use in the food industry are also metal detectable. They have a metal detectable strip embedded in to them. If they fall into food and workers fail to spot them, the metal detectors used in the food industry will detect them.

As you can see, blue plasters are standard in the food and catering industry. They’re really sticky, reliable, and easy to spot should they fall off.


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