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Is there a wood that is waterproof or water resistant?

In its natural state, wood is not waterproof. All wood types will eventually absorb moisture after long-term moisture or water exposure. To make wood waterproof and expand its lifespan, you need to treat it with a special wood sealer.

The sealer will form a film on the wood surface preventing moisture from penetrating the fibers.

Which is the most water resistant wood?

One of the most water-resistant wood types is teak. Teak is naturally oily which means that it can successfully prevent moisture and water from penetrating the fibers. Teak feels oily and waxy when freshly milled.

Another naturally water-resistant wood is white oak thanks to its closed-grain wood.

Cedar wood is another excellent water-resistant hardwood. It’s often used in saunas and other wet environments.

Mahogany is a good choice as well.

What is the best wood for outdoor use?

The best wood for outdoor use is teak thanks to its high natural oil content. You can use it to manufacture outdoor furniture that will last a long time. White oak is another excellent wood choice for outdoor use.

To extend the lifespan of outdoor furniture, apply a generous layer of clear sealer to properly seal the wood fibers. This will allow you to use your outdoor furniture for years to come. A sealer will also protect the wood from insects and UV light.

Left untreated, teak will lose its water-resistant properties and turn to a silvery color.

The only downside of teak is that it’s pretty expensive due to scarcity. If you’re looking for a cheaper and readily available alternative, go for white oak.

Which wood is not affected by water?

All wood types are affected by water. While some wood types are naturally water resistant, they are not waterproof. They’re resistant to water damage only for a limited time.

After long exposure to moisture and water, all wood will start to soak in moisture, both from precipitation and from the air.

Always treat outdoor furniture made of wood to protect it from water damage. Left untreated, wood typically decays and rots in a couple of years.

There are plenty of water sealers available on the market. They’re cheap, easy to apply, and offer excellent long-term protection from water damage.

Make sure to regularly inspect your wood furniture and apply a new layer of sealer in case the existing one gets damaged.


All wood types will absorb moisture and water if left untreated. Teak and white oak are naturally water resistant and hold up well in wet environments. To extend the lifespan of wood, seal it with a clear sealer.

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