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Are There Any Waterproof Laptops on the Market?

There are no mainstream laptops specifically designed to be waterproof. However, some rugged laptops have been designed to resist water to a certain extent. These are generally intended for use in outdoor, industrial, or harsh environments.

Why Are There No Waterproof Laptops?

Waterproof laptops are not common because they are hard to design and build. They need ventilation to cool, they’re hard to fix and can be very expensive.

Complexity of Design

Laptops are made up of many different components, including the keyboard, screen, ports, and ventilation openings.

Making all of these waterproof while maintaining functionality would be challenging and could add significant costs.

Ventilation and Cooling

Laptops produce a significant amount of heat, especially when running demanding applications.

They require ventilation to cool down, which is not compatible with a fully waterproof design.

Need and Demand

Most people use their laptops in environments where they’re not exposed to large amounts of water.

The demand for completely waterproof laptops is relatively low.

This doesn’t justify the increased production costs for manufacturers.

Maintenance and Repair

Waterproof designs can make it more difficult to access the internal components of a laptop for maintenance or repair.

This could lead to increased costs and longer repair times.


Developing and producing a waterproof laptop that meets these requirements would likely be expensive. This makes the product less competitive in the market unless there is sufficient demand.

However, as technology evolves and new materials and design techniques become available, we may see more water-resistant and even waterproof laptops in the future.

How Hard Is It to Create a Waterproof Laptop?

Creating a completely waterproof laptop is challenging. It requires designing a system that can seal off sensitive components from water, allow for necessary heat ventilation, be easy to repair, and remain affordable.

Every key on the keyboard and each port must be able to operate while being waterproof, and they must prevent any water from reaching the motherboard.

Looking for a Tough Laptop? Check Out Dell’s Rugged Laptop Series

Dell sells very tough computers, called Rugged. These military-quality laptops can handle:

  • Hot and cold temperatures
  • Wet or damp conditions
  • Shaking or vibrations
  • Loud noises
  • Sunlight
  • Even fungus growth

They have bright screens for outside use and use powerful Intel processors. They also offer USB-C ports, GPS, optional mobile internet, and Wi-Fi.

However, the price tag may put many potential buyers off.

How Can I Waterproof My Laptop?

While it’s not possible to fully waterproof a laptop, you can take steps to protect it from water damage.

Use a waterproof case and a keyboard cover. Avoid using it near water, be careful with drinks, and consider buying a rugged laptop if you often work in harsh conditions.

Once again, you can’t make a laptop fully waterproof, you can only make it water-resistant.

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