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Waterproof Curtains: Do They Really Work?

Waterproof curtains are a great choice if you’re looking for a cheap, quick and effective outdoor waterproofing solution. By replacing your current curtains with a waterproof ones you’ll save a lot of time and money.

A reliable pair of waterproofing curtains will always be thick and treated with a waterproofing coat so as to repel water.

When it comes to waterproof curtains, it is important to keep your expectations real and have a clear picture on how well they hold up in the rain or even snow.

Do waterproof curtains really work? Outdoor curtains labelled as waterproof curtains are effective for repelling rain or water droplets thus keeping your pergola, patio or porch free from puddles. Keep in mind that waterproof is a relative term when it comes to curtains. After 30 minutes of heavy rain or an hour of moderate rain, your waterproof curtains will eventually get wet.

The purpose of waterproof curtains is to protect your patio, porch or pergola when it’s raining outside. Not only that, but they’re also great at blocking the sun and heat.

However, curtains alone will never turn your patio into a fully waterproof area because they are not sealed. When exposed to rain long enough, they will get wet and water will pass through.

What to look for in high quality waterproof curtains

A good quality waterproof curtain installed in a way that covers your window or patio as effectively as possible can make a difference, particularly in moderate or heavy rain.

Many of the best waterproof curtains are sold on their ability to block water or rain and dry as quickly as possible after getting wet.

There are not many curtains labeled as waterproof curtains on the market but you will find plenty of outdoor curtains. Make sure they’re made of waterproofing materials when buying one.

High quality waterproof or outdoor curtains are tick and dense and usually made from a material that’s been waterproofed so that water beads may easily roll off.

Unlike soundproof curtains, waterproof curtains don’t necessarily have to have pleats. Some do, others don’t but this is not crucial. What matters most is how waterproof the material they are made of actually is.

Heavy curtains will block rain far more effectively than lighter curtains. This is because they are denser and have more fibres to absorb water. At the same time, thanks to their density, they tend to remain in place when there are strong gusts of wind outside.

When installing a waterproof curtain, make sure you have a strong and well secured curtain rail.

Curtain Materials

A reliable waterproof curtain is made from plastic or polyester materials. Curtains made from linen can also act as waterproof curtains provided they have been especially treated with a waterproofing solution. However, the effectiveness of linen curtains is limited and after a couple of hours they will eventually get wet.

After that, they won’t block out water or rain completely but they will still protect your patio or porch furniture.

Curtain Size

Curtain size is important for protecting an area as wide as possible against rain or water droplets. Bigger is always better when it comes to waterproof curtains.

Curtain Length

You should try to get curtains which are at least 15 cm (5 inches) longer than your window, patio or porch.

In this manner, the curtains will drape on the floor which will help to prevent water or rain from seeping underneath your curtain.

If possible, get curtains which are long enough to hang from the ceiling of your porch or patio down to the floor.

Curtain Width

Your curtains should be as wide as possible so as to cover the whole surface of your patio, pergola or porch.

Ideally, a waterproof curtain should cover the entire width of your patio or porch and even go a little bit beyond that width. In this manner, your curtains will trap and repel all water or rain droplets.

Curtain Rods & Mounts

Getting the right curtain rods is crucial if you want to maximise the water and rain blocking potential of your curtains.

Rods serve two main purposes: they support the weight of your curtains and they allow the curtains to get as close to your patio or porch walls as possible. For minimal gaps, the best type of curtain rails are wrap-around ones.

If you’re looking to purchase customised waterproof curtains, check out Fabric UK’s offer.

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