Do Waterproof Bags or Pouches for Phones Really Work?

If you’re a swimming instructor or you have another job that involves being in the water most of the time, then you really need a waterproof bag or pouch for your phone.

The same applies if you’re spending your holiday at the seaside. You really won’t want water to touch your phone, even if you own a waterproof device.

If you’re wondering whether waterproof pouches are really worth your money or not, continue reading this post to learn more.

Waterproof bags and pouches for phones can protect your device when accidentally dropped in water. They prevent water from entering your phone and allow you to use your device underwater normally. You can even take some nice underwater photos.

Of course,  waterproof phone bags are not that aesthetically pleasant. But they’re practical accessories that protect your phone from water damage.

When buying a waterproof pouch for your smartphone, there are more important criteria to take into consideration rather than pure aesthetics.

How do I decide which is the best waterproof bag for me?

For example, if you’re planning to use your phone underwater, you really need to look for a waterproof bag that feels resistant. At the same time, the plastic your pouch is made of should be high quality in order to allow you to take clear photos. Otherwise, you’ll take blurry pictures.

If you’re planning to dive to great depths, you should also keep this detail in mind when making your purchasing decision. Some pouches allow you to go up to 100 feet underwater, while others can protect your phone up to 50 feet only.

Some waterproof bags float, while others don’t. Of course, it all depends on where you’re planning to go underwater. If you’re looking for a pouch to use at the pool, then you really don’t need one that floats.

Pool water is clear, and it doesn’t usually go beyond 7 feet in depth. So, you should have no problem spotting your phone in the water using your swimming googles.

However, if you’re going to the seaside or you’re planning to swim in a lake, things may get a bit complicated. You won’t have the same visibility in the water and a floating waterproof bag is a must, if you ask me.

And then there’s the color question. Personally, I prefer bright colored waterproof bags simply because they’re easier to spot in the water.

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My personal take on waterproof bags for phones

While waterproof bags for phones really work, I wouldn’t recommend getting the phone in the water in the first place and I’ll tell you why. Accidents may happen and the zip may open allowing water to enter your phone.

I remember I once went to the pool with some friends of mine and their kids.  One of the kids wanted to take some underwater pictures and put his phone into a waterproof bag.

Then he and another kid started to fight over who should dive to the bottom of the pool to take the pictures. Neither wanted to give up and they ended up accidentally opening the waterproof bag dropping the phone in the water.

Sometimes, taking your phone in the water or underwater is asking for trouble. Smartphones are expensive nowadays, so I don’t think it’s worth the risk. Moreover certain functionalities such as touch ID may not work properly with a phone pouch on.

Why not just enjoy a good swim without worrying about what might happen to your phone?

If you already used a waterproof pouch to protect your phone in the water, share your experience in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Last updated in October 2021 to add a note about waterproof pouches and touch ID.

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