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How to make a waterproof dog bed |Step-by-step guide

Pets are family members, there is no doubt about it. We want what’s best for them, and we’re willing to do anything in order to help them feel safe, loved and comfortable.

I already showed you how you can build a waterproof dog house. But if you want to keep things simple, you can only waterproof your dog’s bed. This is particularly useful for those moments when your dog returns home after a nice run in the rain or a quick and fun swim session in the lake. If your dog has a weak bladder, you definitely want to waterproof the dog bed.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in and see how you can make your dog’s bed completely waterproof.

Steps to make a waterproof dog bed

Step 1: Clean the dog bed

First off all, you need to make sure the dog bed is nice and clean before waterproofing it. Most dog beds are made of a thick foam layer on top of which you add a cover or a blanket. The best way to clean the dog bed foam is to put it in the bathtub and wash it with mild detergent. Make sure to rinse off any excess detergent when you’re done.

As for the dog bed cover or blanket, you can simply wash it in the washing machine. I don’t recommend using fabric softener. But if you can, you should use mild liquid detergent for both the foam and the cover.

Step 2: Let the foam and cover dry

The best solution is to dry the dog bed foam and cover outside. Tumble drying the foam may actually ruin it. So, be patient, wait for 24-48 hours until the foam has dried and then you can advance to the next step — wrapping it in a waterproof material.

Step 3: Wrap the foam in a bin bag or space blanket

A quick and cheap go-to solution is to wrap the dog bed foam in a bin bag or space blanket. You can then secure it into place with duct tape. Slide the foam into the cover. If you want to take this to the next level, you can purchase a waterproof dog bed cover — which I highly recommend.

Step 4: Get a waterproof dog bed cover

If you want absolute peace of mind, you can buy a waterproof dog bed cover. In this manner, you’ll have two layers of waterproof protection: the bin bag (or space blanket, whichever you choose) and the waterproof cover.

Of course, if you want to keep things simple, you can use only the waterproof dog bed cover and skip the bin bag part.

I personally use this water resistant nylon dog bed cover from Molly Mutt.nylon waterproof dog bed cover

This cover is highly versatile and you can use it for both cats and dogs. What I like about this cover is that it’s extremely easy to clean. All I need to do is take a wet towel and simply swipe the cover.

It’s also pee proof and this came in very handy when I first brought Thor (my Belgian shepherd dog) home. He was a really cute puppy but he needed a lot of training to stop wetting the bed.

If you’re interested, you can get this cover directly from Molly Mutt. There are different cover sizes that you can choose from.

And this is how you can waterproof your dog’s bed without shelling too much money out of your pocket.

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Updated in October 2021 to add additional information.

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