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How Long Does Waterproofing Spray Last? [Up to 4 Weeks]

Most waterproofing sprays available on the market can last up to four weeks. The water-repellent coat will eventually wear off, and you’ll need to apply a new coat after a few weeks.

Of course, if you wear your waterproof clothing only once or twice a week, then the waterproofing spray will last longer.

How long your water-repellent spray actually lasts depends on a variety of factors that may include, but are not limited to, the number of wears, the weather conditions, the quality of the spray, the quality of the fabric your clothes are made of, and so on.

Shoe waterproofing sprays don’t last as long as water-repellent solutions for clothes.

On average, waterproof sprays for shoes are effective for 15 days. Again, this largely depends on how much or little you wear your shoes.

More specifically, if you wear them twice a week, then the liquid-proof spray will last for a month.

On the other hand, if you wear your shoes in harsh weather conditions, you need to apply a new spray coat after two weeks or so.

Always Add Two Layers of Waterproofing Spray

You can enhance the longevity of your waterproofing coating by applying two layers of water-repellent spray to your outdoor clothes and footwear

First, clean the pieces of clothing and footwear you’re going to apply the spray on, and then carefully apply the first coat.

Let my outdoor apparel dry on my porch for 30 minutes. Then, apply the second coat of water-repellent spray and let your clothes and boots dry overnight.

This ensures that the two waterproofing layers you applied are completely dry and that the water-repellent coat is as efficient as possible.

Remember to apply waterproof spray in well-ventilated areas.

I personally do it on my porch, but if you have a backyard, I suggest carrying out the process there.

Waterproofing sprays can potentially be toxic for both pets and humans.

To apply an even coat, hold the spray in one hand and rotate your clothes and shoes with the other hand. Make sure to adjust the angles whenever necessary to spray the entire surface.

Do Waterproof Sprays Expire?

Waterproof sprays do expire. They typically have an expiration date, which is usually indicated on the product label or packaging.

Check the expiration date before using the spray. Expired waterproof sprays may not be as effective in providing the desired water repellency or may not work at all.

Using an expired waterproof spray could result in inadequate protection for your items.

It’s best to replace the spray with a fresh one if it has passed its expiration date to ensure optimal performance.

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How Long Does Waterproofing Spray Take to Dry?

Most waterproofing sprays should dry within 30 minutes. After the first coat, you can apply a second coat to ensure your outdoor gear is weather resistant.

Let the two coats dry overnight, and the next day, your waterproof clothes and shoes will be ready to use.

Allowing your clothes and shoes to dry overnight before exposing them to the elements ensures they’ll keep you dry and won’t crack.

How Often Should I Apply a New Waterproofing Coat?

You should spray your boots and shoes every 2-4 wears in the winter, especially if you expose your footwear to rain, snow, and mud.

Sometimes, you may need to reapply the waterproof coating after spending the whole day outdoors, walking through inches of snow, or stepping into too many puddles.

LiquidProof Water Repellent Spray Lasts for Years

LiquidProof is an interesting waterproofing spray that uses nanotechnology to bond fibers resulting in years of protection.

The formula is based on silicon dioxide particles that create a microscopical barrier against liquids.

Water, oil, and other types of liquids will simply bead up and roll off without seeping through.


Most waterproofing sprays can last for up to 4 weeks. Bad weather conditions and intense usage significantly reduce their efficiency.

New solutions like LiquidProof can last up to a few years but can only be used on certain pieces of outdoor gear.

I hope this post answered your questions. If you have additional questions or remarks, feel free to use the comment section below.

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Last updated in July 2023 to add additional information.

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