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Can duct tape be used for waterproofing?

Sometimes, you may need to resort to make-shift solutions to solve unexpected problems.

For example, duct tape is pretty versatile and you can use it for rigging up something temporary.

But can you use it for waterproofing? How reliable is duct tape as a waterproofing solution? How long does it last?

Let’s find out!

But first, let’s answer an important question.

Is duct tape waterproof?

Duct tape is not waterproof. It’s only water resistant. This means you can only use it as a temporary solution. After a while, the adhesive layer will eventually lose its stickiness.

Can I use duct tape for waterproofing?

You can use duct tape as a temporary waterproofing solution. You can use it to stop leaks in emergency situations. Duct tape itself is only water resistant which means you can’t use it as a long-term waterproofing solution.

It can block out water but only for a limited time.

For the best results, use duct tape on non-porous surfaces.

Duct tape is typically made of three layers. The first layer is a coat of adhesive which allows it to stick to surfaces. The outer layer is a polythene layer that repels water. That’s what makes duct tape water-resistant.

The adhesive layer can hold for months. However, after 5-6 months, your duct tape may start to peel off, especially when exposed to rain and sunlight on a daily basis.

Does duct tape hold up in rain?

Duct tape can hold up in rain provided that it’s applied to non-porous surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass, and so on.

These surfaces successfully hold the tape in place and don’t absorb water.

On the other hand, porous surfaces such as brick and wood absorb water. With time, water will reach the adhesive layer making it lose its stickiness faster.

Make sure to thoroughly clean and dry the surface before you apply duct tape.

What happens to duct tape when it gets wet?

Duct tape loses its stickiness when it becomes wet. This is because the adhesive molecules themselves become wet.

If you completely submerge duct tape in water, the adhesive layer will peel away faster and water will seep through.

⇒ Important note:

Duct tape is not a reliable waterproofing solution to fix a hole in a boat. It can potentially be dangerous.

Can duct tape be used outside?

You can use duct tape outside but only as a temporary solution. Prolonged exposure to rain and sunlight will make the adhesive layer peel off.

Use duct time for waterproofing purposes only as a temporary solution. Make sure to use high-quality duct tape for better results. Choose a duct tape that has a sticky layer made of natural rubber adhesive.

This type of duct tape lasts longer outside in harsh weather conditions.

What is the strongest waterproof duct tape?

The strongest waterproof duct tape is the EdenProducts Heavy Duty Silver Duct Tape. This duct tape is designed to withstand moisture, water, sunlight and extreme weather conditions.

It’s UV and abrasion-resistant. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Is the 3M duct tape waterproof?

According to the official product description, the 3M All Weather Duct Tape is “ideal for weatherproofing, patching outdoor equipment and reinforcing tools“. The 3M Extreme Hold Duct Tape is “waterproof for a long-lasting hold“.

This means you can use both duct tapes for waterproofing.

Just make sure to always check the official product description to ensure the duct tape you’re planning to purchase and use is indeed labeled as waterproof.

Once again, use duct tape as a temporary or emergency waterproofing solution, even if it’s labeled as waterproof.

After prolonged contact with moisture or water, even the strongest duct tape adhesive will lose its stickiness and eventually peel off.

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