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4 simple tips to tell if your shoes are waterproof

Whether you’re gearing up for a hike, or preparing for a rainy day, having reliable waterproof shoes is a game-changer. However, not all footwear that claims to be waterproof lives up to its promise.

Here are 4 practical tips to determine if your shoes possess the coveted ability to repel water effectively.

⇒ Key takeaways:

  • Check the footwear label or product description for waterproof indicators like AquaGuard, ClimaProof, GORE-TEX, etc.
  • Examine the shoes for sealed seams and quality materials.
  • Conduct a water immersion test to check for leaks.
  • Read user reviews for real-life waterproof performance feedback.

How do I know if my shoes are waterproof?

Check the label and product description

The best way to determine if your shoes are waterproof is to check your shoe’s label or product description. Waterproof footwear often features specialized membranes that repel moisture and water.

The following labels confirm that your shoes are waterproof:

  • AquaGuard
  • ClimaProof
  • DryJoys
  • DryVent
  • eVent
  • HydroGuard
  • HydroSeal
  • Hydromax
  • Keen Dry
  • M-Select DRY
  • Omni-tech
  • Outdry Extreme
  • Polartech
  • Primaloft Gold and Silver
  • StormGuard
  • Sympatex
  • TimberDry
  • XCR (Extended Comfort Range)

Reputable shoe brands often indicate whether a particular model is waterproof or water-resistant. Look for terms like “waterproof” or “water-repellent” alongside the labels mentioned above.

Shoes made of leather, suede, nubuck, or eco-leather are not waterproof. As a quick reminder, leather is not naturally waterproof.

Assess the quality

Visually examine your shoes. Pay close attention to the seams of your shoes. Waterproof footwear typically has sealed or taped seams to prevent water from seeping through the stitching.

Look for sealed seams both inside and outside the shoe to ensure maximum protection against moisture.

Perform a water immersion test

Perform a simple water immersion test to assess your shoe’s water resistance. Fill a sink with water and submerge your shoes up to the ankle level. Gently press and flex the shoe to simulate walking or movement.

Observe if water leaks into the interior.

Check user reviews

Research online for user reviews and feedback on specific shoe models. Do that before making your purchasing decision. Other people’s experiences can provide valuable insights into the shoe’s actual waterproof performance in real-life situations.

Make sure to check out multiple sources to obtain a balanced perspective.

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