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Can Sunbrella fabric be painted? Here’s the answer

Sunbrella fabric is a type of acrylic woven fabric that is completely waterproof as well as mold and stain resistant.

Sunbrella is a highly versatile material suitable for a plethora of usages. Many storefront awnings are made of a special sunbrella fabric dyed with a UV solution that make it fade-proof and stain-resistant. Sunbrella awnings stay under direct sun light all day long so they really need to be UV light resistant.

Sunbrella is the standard material used for boat covers. Thanks to its UV light and water resistance, the fabric keeps your boat safe and dry. When you’re sailing on the sea, your sunbrella boat cover keeps you protected from UV light.

You can use a sunbrella cover on your patio to create a nice little place where you can rest when it rains or find some shade when it’s too hot outside.

These are some of the most common usages of sunbrella fabrics. Naturally, after a few years you may want to re-dye your sunbrella awning or boat cover. But is it safe to do that? Or will a new coat of dye ruin the fabric?

Is there a way to paint Sunbrella?

Can Sunbrella fabric be dyed? You can paint Sunbrella fabric but this is not an easy process with guaranteed results due to the fact that the fabric is water and liquid repellent. You can use chalk paint or water-based acrylic paint to dye Sunbrella but keep in mind that dyeing this fabric is actually an experiment.

Sunbrella fabric has been chemically treated to repel liquids and this may cause the dye to simply stay on top of the fabric. Due to this fact, firm pressure may be required to force the paint into the fabric. For this reason, I recommend going to a specialized company that puts graphics on fabrics. They have the necessary tools, types of paint and experience to get the right results.

Risks related to painting Sunbrella

Applying a coat of paint on your Sunbrella boat cover, awning or patio cover might make the fabric rigid. In time, this might lead to cracking, especially if you need to fold the fabric. Basically, by painting Sunbrella you risk reducing the degree of flexibility of the fabric.

There was a time when I was thinking about dyeing my Sunbrella patio cover so as to perfectly match the design of my house. However, I decided not to for the reasons mentioned above.

I think the best solution is to take more time to think about what Sunbrella color you want to buy in the first place. Or simply, if you feel the need of a change in color, buy a new Sunbrella cover that matches your current needs.

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