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Are waterproof bags smell proof? Not really

Waterproof bags are not typically smell proof. Air will eventually get through the pores of your waterproof bag carrying the odour molecules with it. Ziplock bags are water resistant, they’re not waterproof or smell proof. Their pores are permeable which means that odour molecules will eventually leak through and enter the environment.

How to test is a waterproof bag is smell proof

To test how smell proof your waterproof bag is, inflate it with air, seal it and leave it on the table. Then, check how well it holds air. You can get an idea of how smell proof your waterproof bag is by the deflation rate.

Some bags will slowly leak air, others will quickly deflate in a matter of minutes.

You can also put some food inside a water-resistant or waterproof bag. Put the bag on a table, and close the door behind you.

Then, walk into that room every 10 minutes and check if you smell anything.

⇒ Important Note:

Don’t use bags labeled as water-resistant or waterproof to store food while hiking or camping. Wild animals have excellent olfactory organs that can sense food from miles away.

Use bags labeled as odour proof or smell proof instead. The best approach is to contact an expert in hiking and camping safety and ask them for advice.


Waterproof bags are not smell proof. This means you can’t use them the store food and keep the smell inside. Use bags labeled as odour proof instead. They’re specially made to prevent odour molecules from escaping into the environment.

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